Zero Gapped

A Student Barbers Perspective On Tools And Equipment

February 15, 2021 Rum Barber Season 2 Episode 8
Zero Gapped
A Student Barbers Perspective On Tools And Equipment
Show Notes

On this show we have discussed tools and equipment with many highly regarded Barbers, who are phenomenal educators and platform artists. We have also, interviewed clipper companies, modifiers and customisers to gain insight on equipment from their perspective.

In this episode we thought we would look at things from a different angle. The viewpoint of a student Barber, someone who is relatively new to the industry. What are their thoughts on their current set up, the equipment they would like, and the companies producing those machines.

In this episode we interview two student Barbers, one from the US and one from the UK to gain their perspective on tools and equipment and the manufacturers who make them.

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